wxWidgets-2.8.0 for wxArt2D on Ubuntu

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This time I would like to share the steps by steps needed to compile wxWidgets for use with wxArt2D. the idea is to begin from the very basics just as If you have installed your computer right now. (have in mind that I’m using ubuntu)


  • For wxWidgets-2.8.0 you will need to have the gtk+ development files, so please install libgtk2.0-dev with synaptic
  • For wxArt2D you will need to have Cmake

Then we can begin to install wxWidgets, so please untar the file and create the buildgtk directory within the wxWidgets-2.8.0 root. For this run the following within a console:

cd $WXDIR$
mkdir buildgtkd
cd buildgtkd
../configure --with-gtk2 --disable-std_iostreams --enable-debug --disable-shared
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

The –disable-std_iostream directive is beacuse wxArt2D need this, if you don’t do it and this time you will later. The others options are the default wxArt2D look. In the configure script you can run others options just as you need them, for example installing monolithic or shared or debug etc…, you should see the manual for this options.

In the contrib folder you should compile wxSTC, using the known commands: make and sudo make install

There you have the wxWidgets compiled let’s now test it:

cd $WXDIR$
cd buildgtkd/samples/minimal

If the above ran ok, then everything went perfect.

Now it is time to compile wxArt2D, so first download the sources from the cvs.

cd $wxART2D$
mkdir buildwxart2D

cd buildwxart2D
cmake ../
sudo make install

Let’s know test it:

cd samples/editor/samples/wires/


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