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Labview 8.2 on Ubuntu 6.10


I was seeing the thread in:

And I had a big surprise when my installation just worked whitout problems. I’m using ubuntu 6.10

$uname -a
Linux yesidh-laptop 2.6.17-12-generic #2 SMP Mon Jul 16 19:37:58 UTC 2007 i686 GNU/Linux

I installed rpm, from synaptic, then copy the entire cd contents to /media/labview and then run INSTALL by using:
$sudo ./INSTALL

Then the installation went perfect, just some warnings about a deprecated command:
sort: Warning: “+number” syntax is deprecated, please use “-k number”

Finally i ran:

And the program ran, I don’t know if I will have that crashed in the future but the installation was good. I will let you all now.

Here is a screenshot of the program running:

Labview on Ubuntu



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English site freeze

Unfortunately I will not post so much on this site for a while, I’ll focus to improve the Spanish version. The reason for this is because it’s my mother language and I think there is not so much mechatronics information in this language, and in english you can find it more.

I hope this doesn’t take to long, so I can write in the two languages (that takes so much time). If you want take a look and the spanish site in:

And don’t dubt to ask for any help you think I can bring you some support.


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wxWidgets-2.8.3 for wxArt2D on MSW


This time I would like to share the steps by steps needed to compile wxWidgets for use with wxArt2D. the idea is to begin from the very basics just as If you have installed your computer right now.


  • wxWidgets-2.8.3 sources
  • wxArt2D sources
  • Cmake

Well, here we can have two ways, you can use a installation based on Visual C++ or using gcc with MinGW. First we will explore the VC++ method, have in mind I’m using VC++ 6

Visual C++ 6

First thing to download the exe installation of wxWidgets. then open VC++ and open the Workspace in the %WXWIN%\build\msw\wx.dsw

Because this workspace has configured a lot of targets, at least I didn’t need all that so I just compiles the debug target, this can be done in the build menu, then batch build, and select the ones you want, for my case I selected the debug versions for all the projects.

That will take some time.

Now lets probed the intallation opening the minimal.dsw in the samples\minimal directory and try to compile it. Everything should work ok.

The following thing to compile is the wxSTC component. For that open the file stc.dsw in the contrib\build\stc and do the same thing as above.

Let’s now compile wxArt2D, so the first step is to do the download. Then set the WXWIN variable to the wxWidgets installation path.

Open Cmake and create a directory outside the wxArt2D sources directory. Then do the configure with cmake. What this do is to generate the wxart2d.dsw file in the directory. Then open this a compile using VC++.

In the samples directory you will find the samples compiled so you can probed it.


First thing you shoul do is to install the MinGW and MSYS packages. So then create a directory in the wxWidgets path and run the following commands from the msys command line:

cd %WXDIR%
mkdir buildmswd
cd buildmsw

../configure –with-msw –disable-std_iostreams –enable-debug –disable-shared

Probed the compiltation:

cd %WXDIR%
cd buildmswd/samples/minimal

Now because wxArt2D needs the wxSTC class, go to the contrib directory and compile it.

Well the next step is to set the WXWIN environment variable, for this use:

SET WXWIN=%WXWIN%/buildmswd

Now run the cmake like this, first create and directory outside the wxArt2D sources:

mkdir wxart2dmingw
cd wxart2dmingw
cmake -G "Unix Makefiles" %WXART2D%

Run a sample, to probed the compilating. I think that’s all, maybe you get any error, so write here to see how can I help you.

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Mechatronics books

Interesting books in the mechatronics field:

Grafcet documentation: 

PLC documentation: 

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wxWidgets-2.8.0 for wxArt2D on Ubuntu


This time I would like to share the steps by steps needed to compile wxWidgets for use with wxArt2D. the idea is to begin from the very basics just as If you have installed your computer right now. (have in mind that I’m using ubuntu)


  • For wxWidgets-2.8.0 you will need to have the gtk+ development files, so please install libgtk2.0-dev with synaptic
  • For wxArt2D you will need to have Cmake

Then we can begin to install wxWidgets, so please untar the file and create the buildgtk directory within the wxWidgets-2.8.0 root. For this run the following within a console:

cd $WXDIR$
mkdir buildgtkd
cd buildgtkd
../configure --with-gtk2 --disable-std_iostreams --enable-debug --disable-shared
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

The –disable-std_iostream directive is beacuse wxArt2D need this, if you don’t do it and this time you will later. The others options are the default wxArt2D look. In the configure script you can run others options just as you need them, for example installing monolithic or shared or debug etc…, you should see the manual for this options.

In the contrib folder you should compile wxSTC, using the known commands: make and sudo make install

There you have the wxWidgets compiled let’s now test it:

cd $WXDIR$
cd buildgtkd/samples/minimal

If the above ran ok, then everything went perfect.

Now it is time to compile wxArt2D, so first download the sources from the cvs.

cd $wxART2D$
mkdir buildwxart2D

cd buildwxart2D
cmake ../
sudo make install

Let’s know test it:

cd samples/editor/samples/wires/

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Free fuzzy logic library Docs

Hi, this time I want to contribute with a documentation for the FFLL library, I have worked with it and think it is good. I had some trouble looking for documentation, that’s why I liked to change that by first generating a doxygen documentation for the library.

I think anyone that begin working with the library will find this helpful, you can get it from here, that’s all this time.Bye

Short coming: Free Fuzzy Logic Library tutorials.

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wxOGL vs. wxArt2D

Well, like you probaly saw in a old post I was trying to use wxOGL and did some advance on it, but then in turn into wxArt2D and must say that if you want to do some drawing or ploting you must be in that path. My experience with wxArt2D has been good, the project is in actual development and you can get quickly answers from their mailing list. So take a look and use it, at least for me has worked.

You can download the wxArt2D package from

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